HR Audit

Can you confidently say as a small business that your HR program is in order?

Why Should You Invest in an HR Audit? 

Don't put this off any longer, we got you covered!

HR Audit Key Features

  • Employee Files

    Internal audit of employees to ensure they are maintained in a legally compliant manner.

  • Posters/Notices

    Ensure that you are presently the required notices and legal posters to your employees. 

  • Salary Audit

    The Compensation Audit verifies that employee pay is competitive and documented.

  • Medical & Benefits

    Consultant takes a deep look at your benefits programs to ensure their a complying with federal and local guidelines. 

  • I-9 Audit 

    Complete audit of all your employee I-9s to prepare the business for a potential ICE audit. 

  • Policies and Procedures

    Complete review of the organization's polices and procedures with recommendations. 

Investment starts at

$3,000 (payments plans available)

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